Diploma Pathway – Pathway to 2nd Year of Top Universities


If you are not qualified for direct entry, you may choose the Diploma Pathway Program. A Diploma Pathway is a full-time academic program equivalent to the first year of a Bachelor’s Degree. A Diploma pathway is not a Foundation year program. A Diploma pathway course is an academically demanding course which consists of core academic modules usually at the same or similar level to first year of a related undergraduate degree.

The diploma pathway program is suitable for international students who have completed A level, is a recognized basic program, or for students who are already in the first year of a bachelor’s degree relevant in their home country but do not meet academic requirements to enter the best university in the UK . This program will give you relevant academic knowledge, study skills and the ability to speak English to succeed as a second year degree student.



1 Equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree

2 Fast track to the second year of the best university. Guaranteed.

3 The Best Alternative Entry to 2nd Year of Top Universities if you do not have the grades


Benefits of Diploma Program

Guaranteed Pathway to Top Universities

Successful completion of the Diploma Pathway guarantees you direct entry into the second year of a range of Bachelor’s Degrees with some top universities, including the University of Exeter, Newcastle University, UWA, Monash University, University of Adelaide and many more.


Comprehensive Academic Training

The diploma program is well designed for students who have more ability for Foundation Year programs, but are less qualified to enter directly in the first year of the undergraduate program. This diploma pathway program gives you relevant academic knowledge, study skills and English language skills to succeed as second year level students.

This program also allows you to further improve your English skills and your study skills, and to develop the academic knowledge needed. Graduation of the diploma program guarantees you to continue in the second year in the undergraduate program with the best university.


Small classes and personalised attention

Diploma program students attend university-style lectures and tutorials, and the class is small — with 15 to 20 students — so they benefit from more frequent contact with the teaching staff. Small classes also make it easier for teaching staff to carefully monitor each student’s development and provide regular feedback throughout the year.



A diploma course is an academically demanding course that covers the core of an academic module that is usually the same or similar to the first year of a related undergraduate program. You will be given all the support you need to succeed — group work, personal attention, language and study skills. There are business diploma programs for business degrees and engineering diploma programs for engineering degrees and so on. You will only focus on your chosen degree and do not need to study unrelated subjects.


For example, the modules for BUSINESS diploma programs are generally:

English language skills and study

Management and organization

Introduction to Economics


Quantitative method


Similarly, the modules for TECHNICAL diploma programs are generally:

English and study skills

Mathematical engineering



Introduction to programming

Principle of flow