German Education System

The Right Degree Program

Whether Bachelors, Masters, state or doctoral examinations: the various programs and degrees available in Germany are extensive. It is worth knowing how they are different.

German universities provide more than 19,000 programs while Indonesian universities only provide less than 700 programs.

Read the university program carefully outlining it so that you can get an idea of ​​what and its main objectives, then compare it with other courses that you find. For example, even though the curriculum of the study program might contain the right subjects of your interest, you might want more of a lab-based research oriented program than a theory-oriented study program.

The summer semester runs from March to August in Fachhochschulen (University of Applied Sciences) and April to September at universities; winter semester is from September to February and October to March respectively.

BA / BSc is the same as 6 semesters of study

The MA / MSc is equivalent to 2-4 semesters, depending on the program

PhDs are the same as 4-6 semesters, depending on the program

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University Type 1 – Academic Universities

Universities mainly provide theoretical knowledge. This course is very academically oriented and there are many different subject groups.

But many universities specialize in certain subject areas. These are called technical universities (Technische Universität, TU) or educational colleges (Pädagogische Hochschule, PH).

At university, you can also study to get a doctorate (doctorate). This is not possible in most Universities of Applied Sciences.

Universities primarily provide theoretical knowledge and usually offer a variety of different subjects.

But some specialists in certain subject areas and in this case they are called technical universities (Technische Universität, TU) or tertiary education institutions (Pädagogische Hochschule, PH).

Art and music colleges are suitable for those who have special musical or artistic talents.

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University Type 2 – University of Applied Science (Fachhochschulen)

In Fachhochschulen and Hochschulen für angewandte Wissenschaften (University of Applied Sciences) the emphasis is more on practical training in the subject. You will complete a work placement, a longer project phase, or spend an entire semester of practice working in a company. Dual universities combine academic study and vocational training.

Fachhochschulen has a more practical profile with a focus on work skills. In research, they are directed more towards applied research rather than fundamental research. In traditional universities, it is important to learn the “why” of a method that is scientifically correct; However, this is less important at the University of Applied Sciences.

Here the emphasis is placed on what systems and methods exist, where they come from, what their strengths and weaknesses are, how to use them in practice, when to use them, and when not.

The FH Diploma is roughly equivalent to a 4-year Honors degree. The FH Diploma qualifies holders for doctoral programs directly but in practice many universities require additional entrance examinations or participation in theoretical classes from FH candidates.

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University Type 3 –  Colleges of Art, Film and Music

At the art, film and music colleges you can study artistic subjects, such as music, architecture, visual arts, drama, dance, industrial design and fashion.

At the university for modern media, directors, cinematographers, screenwriters and other film and television professionals are trained.

The admission requirements for this course include special talents that you must show on the entrance examination.

Arts and music colleges train young artists such as musicians, architects, artists and designers.

Admission requirements include special talents that applicants must demonstrate in the entrance examination.

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University Type 4 – Dual Univerisites

Along with the classic program in Applied Sciences, cooperative study programs provide you with the opportunity to connect your academic training more closely with your entry into professional life.

If you like to “study while working”, are highly motivated, have good knowledge of the German language and want to progress quickly at work, a double university is the right place for you.

Universities of applied sciences and cooperative education universities, as well as individual universities, offer this type of degree program.

If you choose a cooperative study course, you must also sign a contract with the company.

Training usually takes place in two separate locations

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