What is a Master’s of Business Administration program?

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally-recognized post-graduate degree, designed to develop the skills required for careers in management of businesses. The value of the MBA, however, is not limited strictly to the business world. An MBA can also be useful for those pursuing a managerial career in the public sector, government, social enterprise and other areas.

Most MBA programs include a “core” curriculum of subjects; such as Finance, Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Operations. It also has elective courses that allow students to follow their own personal or professional interests.

Benefits of MBA

The MBA program is designed to improve managerial ability, the ability to analyze complex issues and ability to make strategic decisions. There are several MBA programs designed specifically for certain industries (finance or retail) or sector (insurance and loss of defense, e-business, public sector, etc.).
One of the entry requirements for the MBA program is to have a working experience in a managerial position for minimum of three (3) years. Thus the cost of the MBA program is higher than the other Masters programs, ranging from GBP 15,000 – GBP 30,000 per year.


MBA in the US

The USA is currently considered to be the Mecca for Master’s in Business Administration Program. The global curriculum is a perfect amalgamation of innovative teaching methodology and practical experience in diverse business and management scenarios.


The most crucial factor that makes US B-schools stand apart is the premium professional exposures that the students get. In addition, all the top companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM, General Motors, General Electric, Deloitte, Mercer, Ernst & Young, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Caterpillar, Flextronics and many more are headquartered in the US. Another advantage for students is that, with the academia-industry interface, they are exposed to ever-expanding job opportunities and networks, to catapult their career.