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Individualized And Personal Granular Curriculum

Our curriculum uses clear and concise language to break down strategies into accessible steps. Programs incorporate comprehensive course books, game, and technology to make our one-to-one programs a personalized and effective learning experience for each student.

We have the industry’s leading test prep program. Built by native-speakers and overseas graduates who score in the 98 percentiles for GMAT GRE SAT, the program learns your strengths and weaknesses through advanced statistics, then customizes your prep program to you so you get the most effective prep possible.

Trust The Experts – 98 Percentiles In GMAT, GRE AND SAT

At the heart of Eduversity’s learning method are our exceptional teachers, all of whom possess both a business-oriented and a functional understanding of test prep needs.

All Eduversity teachers are either native-speakers or native-level overseas graduates who have been rigorously vetted and are in at least 98 GMAT, GRE and SAT percentiles.

Contrary to popular beliefs, IELTS and TOEFL tests are frowned upon as English proficiency measurement tools at Eduversity due to their shallowness and lack of depth.

Advanced First Language Pedagogy

You’ll be participating in discussions and debates, summarising passages, paraphrasing sentences, giving presentations, conducting research, and writing source-based essays.

You will learn English as a first language – the fastest way of learning English. Learning english the native-speaker way will make you learn instinctively assimilate the elements of English naturally. Students will learn grammar and vocabulary with non-existent amount of translation and minimal memorization.


Native-Speaking And Native Level Overseas Graduate Instructors

Instructors Are In The 98 GMAT, GRE, SAT Percentiles


Self-Paced Tutorials


Start Anytime


Most Tutorials Completed In A Few Hours

Quick Self Study On Demand


Supported Independent Study


Flexible Individualized Sessions And Practice Tests

Individual Student Progress Trend Assessed After Every Week


Complete Math, Verbal, And Writing Preparation


Comprehensive Vocabulary Preparation And Practice Lists


Access To Our Learning Facility: Homework And Instructor Support


Instructor-Led Courses

Professional Development And Personal Enrichment

Convenient 6-Week Format

Effective Tips And Strategies For Getting The Best Results

Personal Feedback To Parents

Unlimited E-Mail And Text Message Support

Introducing The Test Format And Content

Preparation Strategies and Tips

Free Overseas Education Counselling

Exam Patterns Demystified

Certificate Of Completion

Adaptive Instructions

Educational inequality actually arises from teachers and schools’ lack of recognition of students’ diverse linguistic dispositions in their teaching practices and implementation of the curriculum, even if they do so with good intention.

If students are not able to share their linguistic skills or if these skills are not appreciated, they can encounter barriers in the classroom, particularly if teachers do not have adaptive teaching skills required to deal with comprehension difficulties and likely progress differences.

That a video game is designed so that each level is just slightly harder than the player’s current ability but still seems achievable, and is challenging enough to maintain interest but not so challenging as to undermine feelings of competence or control (Gee, 2003).

Video games require a player to master each level before moving on to the next; it is expected that a player will need multiple tries to complete each level, so failure (to a point) is expected and therefore not feared.

These are almost exactly the conditions that motivational and educational theorists believe are ideal for establishing a mastery-based, challenge-seeking mindset of intrinsic motivation, as explained in more detail in the third paper in this series. “Kids often say it doesn’t feel like learning when they’re gaming—they’re much too focused on playing,” Gee writes.

Authentic Materials – Genuine Past Papers

You’ll work with a curriculum that includes a combination of materials from National Geographic, Wall Street Journals, Forbes magazines and other sources written for native English speakers. By using such materials, you’ll be able to develop an understanding of authentic written communication.

Know the format and structure of the tests. In the preparation classes, you will practice with the original test format.

Test – Crushing Strategies

Recogize these are exams are repetitive and therefore LEARNABLE. There are only so many different types of questions, and I teach students to learn to recognize them and the simple steps to answer each one. I meet one-on-one with each student, track their progress, and focus on their needs at their pace.

Critical Thinking And Analysis

In addition to helping you achieve your linguistic goals, we will also help you to develop critical thinking and analysis skills. These important skills are an integral part of our curriculum.

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